Smokestack Magic: Building a Model Industrial Chimney with Working Smoke Effects


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If you've ever wanted to know how to use smoke effects for your model railroad, this video will get you started.

This is a detailed tutorial on using the Seuthe Super Smoke Generator and how to incorporate it into your scene. It will require the use of some 3DĀ printed parts but if you're getting into the model building hobby or model railroading IĀ highly recommend getting familiar with 3DĀ printing.

Lots of 3DĀ printer files are freely available online but if you really want to make something unique, like the chimney I built in this video then IĀ also highly recommend using a CADĀ program. That sounds daunting as most CADĀ programs are quite complex, but TinkerCADĀ is a great starting point, it's what IĀ use simply because it's easy, free and does everything IĀ need. It gets quite restrictive with features however for most basic shapes and designs it does just fine.

If you want to download the 3DĀ files IĀ used to make the smoke unit assembly you'll find them at the bottom of this page.


Parts IĀ used are listed below:

Seuthe - 500 - Super Smoke Generator
30mm Thin 12VDC 2 Wire Fan (JayCar)
5A 12VDC PWM Motor Speed Controller Kit (JayCar)
25mm x 1mm Aluminium Tube (Bunnings)

The rest of the parts are 3DĀ printed.

If you'd like the industrial chimney model, check back on the store page as it will be available to purchase in the near future. Alternatively, you can join patreon as a Scenery Expert or higher to get access to a selection of items from the store that can be downloaded from the Members Page on this website.

Extra Files:

Additional content that will help you recreate and follow along with the build, some of the 3DĀ printer files are still experimental and may require some tinkering in order to get them to print successfully. Also, nearly all of the 3DĀ printer files are designed for resin 3DĀ printers, trying to print them using a filament 3DĀ printer may not be possible!

But in any case, IĀ hope you enjoy the extra content.


Smoke Unit 3D Printer Files

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