Build a Model Railroad

Below in chronological order are a series of articles and videos taking you through the process of building a model railroad from start to finish. The series will follow along as I build my dream layout, from an idea to a model railroad you can be proud of.

So, lets not waist any more time and get building.

Building Modular Benchwork

Part 3: In this video we'll pick up from where we left in the article above. This video will describe some of the technical aspects in building the benchwork, the video will end with the track plan transferred onto the baseboards and everything ready to start laying down the cork roadbed and then track.

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Laying the Track

Part 4: In this video I'll be taking you on a step by step journey on how I lay track, specifically for joining modular model railroads together. It can be a challenge to get them to align perfectly however with the method I'm using in the video you should have no problems being able to lay good reliable track that keeps the trains on the track.

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Wiring the Track, Switches & Control Panel

Part 5: In this video I'll be guiding you through the process I've decided to use to wire the modular model railroad. This is not to say everyone must do it the same way, more so that this method works for me and there's a good chance it will work for you, especially if you are choosing to build a modular layout that needs to have the option to connect and disconnect the modules. This will make great wiring for a convention layout that will travel around to various train shows.

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