Luke Towan
October 9, 2023
2 min read

Model Railroad Lights Fascia & Curtains

This is where we make the railroad look pretty! This railroad will be living in the garage so you might think what’s the point in making it look nice… Well, I have my work bench sitting right in front of it so I’m going to be staring at this thing every time I’m doing anything on my workbench!

There is not a lot of additional information I can write in this article that isn’t already shown in the video.

I will say however, I used a very cheap fabric for the curtains! I chose the cheapest fabric I could get because I knew I was going to be sewing them and I’ve never sewn before, I was planning on making all the different sewing mistakes so.

While they look good now, I’m almost certain they will get dirt, plaster and scenic material on them during the construction as well, so with all that considered, in the future when the majority of the layout has been completed I’ll re make the curtains with a much nicer material that isn’t so see through as you might have noticed in the above image!

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Download the files associated with the project. All files are included in a zip for convenience.


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