Building The Worlds Smallest Escalator


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This project has been in development since January 2022, and the original idea stems right back to the underground subway diorama that was built back in November 2019! It only took almost 12 months to finish!

I worked on it on and off over that time but really knuckled down for the past 3 months to get it completed.

I designed it in such a way that it can be retrofitted and adjusted by others who also want to have a go at building something similar. Below is a list of components and also a link to the Original TinkerCAD project where you can download all of the files needed for the project.

While all the files are final designs that worked for my finished model you may still find depending on what 3D printer settings you use you may still need to make minor adjustments to your printed pieces in order to get them perfect. The tolerances are quite tight.

Hardware List:


12 volt 19 RPM Econ Gear Motor, can be found at, I only powered it with 4.4 volts which gave me a nice speed for the steps.

Battery Pack -

3 X AAA Side by Side Flat Battery Holder

Switch -

SPST Ultra Mini Rocker Switch

Bearings -

5x8x2.5mm Flanged Bearing x10

Piano Wire –

0.9mm piano wire 10x30cm lengths

Screws –

M3 Screws, Various (M3x5, M3x10, M3x15, M3x20, M3x25, M3x32 and M3x45)

Nuts –

M3 Steel Nuts

Washers –

M3 Steel Flat Washers

Styrene –

4.8mm Evergreen Styrene Tube

I’ve made the original TinkerCAD file public so you can download and also change the original files as needed to fit the model into your desired location. You may also need to make minor changes to dimensions depending on the 3D printer settings you use, not all 3D printers have the same tolerances so some minor adjustments may or may not be needed.

Extra Files:

Additional content that will help you recreate and follow along with the build, some of the 3D printer files are still experimental and may require some tinkering in order to get them to print successfully. Also, nearly all of the 3D printer files are designed for resin 3D printers, trying to print them using a filament 3D printer may not be possible!

But in any case, I hope you enjoy the extra content.


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