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Adding detail to vehicles can rapidly transform a scene from good to AWESOME! It’s amazing how much adding some dirt and putting a few crates or similar details on the back of vehicles makes to a scene.

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In this tutorial I’ll show you the steps I took to create a fantastic looking detail that you can add to any scene and it will make a great improvement. It’s actually a lot easier than it looks to get really good results.

The model I’m using is a HO scale Ford Flatbed Truck and I’ve added it to my diorama that I made in Realistic Scenery Volume 6, the crates were made with scale strip wood. If you’d like to download the template I used to build the crates just scroll down to the bottom of this page and there will be a download button 😉

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Stay tuned for a list of materials as it will be added over the next few days.

Extra Files:

Additional content that will help you recreate and follow along with the build, some of the 3D printer files are still experimental and may require some tinkering in order to get them to print successfully. Also, nearly all of the 3D printer files are designed for resin 3D printers, trying to print them using a filament 3D printer may not be possible!

But in any case, I hope you enjoy the extra content.


Download the Crates Template

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