3D printed HO scale model train


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If you’ve ever wondered whether it’s possible to 3D print a fully functional working model train then this video will answer you question

This is a sponsored video by Anycubic, they have a brand new large format printer called the Anycubic Photon Mono M5s which I used to complete this project. They have given me a link for you to use to take advantage of the early bird offer they have for the 3D printer: https://bit.ly/3W3oavf

And to get the Sunlu resin you can check out this link: https://bit.ly/453LZXF

Also if you want to have a go at building this yourself I've included a download link below that includes all the files used to build the model as well as the templates I used and the decals. You'll just need some plain white decal paper and a printer. It might also be worth doing a test page first just to check your printer scales the decals correctly.

If you want to check out the original file from JamosTrainos you'll find it here:

Extra Files:

Additional content that will help you recreate and follow along with the build, some of the 3D printer files are still experimental and may require some tinkering in order to get them to print successfully. Also, nearly all of the 3D printer files are designed for resin 3D printers, trying to print them using a filament 3D printer may not be possible!

But in any case, I hope you enjoy the extra content.


Download the Comeng STL files and Templates

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