Website Construction

June 29, 2022


Building a new website:

It's been a long time coming! The old website was starting to look really dated and to be honest I wasn't very happy with the freedom and functionality of the Weebly website builder as a whole.
So... I've been transitioning to a new website builder called Webflow.

Wow! I'm so happy I decided to make the move, it has so much more freedom and I can make each page more fun and style it exactly how I want, even adding little animations like the 'Top Secret' Where's Wally animation on the main home page. All of that is easily done with this new website builder.

There is somewhat of a steep learning curve though, however, if you're familiar with programs like Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro I'm sure you'll have no problems using the webflow interface. It's just a matter of understanding all the little in and outs. If something isn't working it's almost always user error and there are plenty of was to add a little bit of user error!

This gives you a bit of an idea, it looks alot like the effects tab in premiere pro, albeit different functionality but it still has a familiar feel.

What's next:

Over the next few weeks the website will grow, new sections will be added and updates to both this website as well as my YouTube channel with be shared.
Stay tuned for many more exciting updates.

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