Elle Towan
September 1, 2022
2 min read

Waterfall Diorama

It's been another slow but steady start to the construction of this diorama.

Over the past couple of days I managed to get the main terrain contouring done on the base of the diorama. This step is a real game changing moment in any diorama construction because it gives you the first glimps of what the scene will eventually look like.

These photos show the main plaster work, the sculpt-it modeling plaster that you can see in between each of the rock moulds is still wet. I just finished sculpting the wet plaster so that it would blend in better with the pre cast rock moulds. It's certainly not perfect but once the greenery is planted in and around the rocks it should blend together quite well.

I was going to try and carve all of the rocks using foam and a hot wire knife but after doing some test pieces I decided to stick with the rock moulds cast with plaster... I need a lot more practice carving rocks before I'm ready to use the technique on a diorama!

The bridge is designed so that I can lift it out, that way when I start doing the rest of the scenery I can remove the bridge and avoid getting glue and dirt texturing all over the bridge. So far it's looking good and I can wait to see what it looks like once I do the water feature!

I'm still quite busy at work so progress will be gradual over the next week or so but now that the main terrain contouring is done I'll be much more motivated to progress with the scene.

Stay tuned for more updates 😎

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