Luke Towan
December 7, 2022
3 min read

Laser Cut Building Kits

The next project is well underway! I'm working on a suburban street building that represents something you'll commonly find along a main street in a medium to small sized town.

My original plan was to build a number of these buildings to fill out an entire street however after building the initial building and the time it took to finish I've decided to focus on just the one building for the next video.

These are paper building kits and while they are nicely detailed they do take some time to construct well, in addition to the kit I'll be adding a bunch of 3D printed details to help bring the building to life.

One of the details that I'm quite happy with are the street lamps:

The base and the lamp sections are 3D printed, the main post which is inserted into the base section is 1.2mm steel tubing. I've also added a small LED inside and the window glazing is Microscale Krystal Klear.

The Krystal Klear, as the name suggests, dries clear. To give it the frosted glass look I also sprayed over some Tamiya Flat Clear spray.

The parts are very fine, I actually dropped this one while putting it together and the top part broke completely away, I did my best to glue it back together but it is a little wonky, luckily this was only a test piece so I'll have to try and be more careful with the next ones.

I'm planning to have this video completed by around the 15th of December, so stay tuned 😊

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