Multnomah Falls

August 20, 2022


Progress is being made on the next scenery tutorial.

The tutorial and diorama is being modelled from an actual location Multnomah Falls. It's quite an impressive location with its two waterfalls and the bridge crossing over them.

Author Adam Jones, Ph.D.

So far the bridge has been 3DĀ printed and constructed, now I just need to build the baseboard and create the surrounding terrain.
I also need to do a touch more weathering on the bridge however the last bits of weathering will get done with the bridge in place and once most of the shrubs and bushes are in place.

The model has been scaled down a little so that the diorama will fit on the table behind my workbench. Overall I think the scale of the model will still be quite impressive.
There is still quite a lot to do, the finished model is still a while away but progress is definitely happening.
I have to also manage my regular day job and this time of year is quite busy for me šŸ˜ I'd love to invest more time into building models... In any case IĀ hope you enjoy the progress of this build, I'm excited to see how it comes together once he waterfall effects are in place!

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