Luke Towan
May 22, 2023
2 min read

Making a Roller Coaster

Thumbnail Credit Credit Joel Rogers

Over the next few weeks I will be working on a new project!

I'm super excited to for this and can wait to get started... The inspiration for building this model was from seeing a working HO scale version of the Wild Mouse on Miniature Wonderlands YouTube channel, I immediately thought I have to give this a try.

Screenshot of the video used for inspiration

But it has to have an Australian influence, so I decided to recreate the Mad Mouse ride at Luna Park in Sydney... Or Melbourne as they are both similar (kinda). The main reason for choosing the Sydney version was that it was much easier to find reference images online.

I found an awesome website that has a huge library of images showing a big variety of roller coasters around the world, and the Mad Mouse was one of them!

Credit Joel Rogers (

The website is called and the images are from Joel Rogers.

Hopefully I haven't bitten off more than I can chew, this is going to be quite a challenging project... maybe not as challenging as the escalator but definitely close!
Stay tuned as I will post more updates over the coming weeks 😊

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