Lots of 3D Printing

July 24, 2022


Over the past few days I've been designing and 3D printing lots of detail to add to the diorama!

It seems like 3D printing should be a much faster way of adding detail to your layout however... if you plan to design those details from scratch you can expect it to take much longer! Luckily for me most of the extra detail I'm adding are basic geometric shapes like pallets, bricks, buckets, brooms, shovels as well as some saw horses and simple scaffolding structure.

I plan to make these details available for purchase through my online shop. It will be a construction site collection and will include:

  • Two types of Saw Horse
  • Cinder Block
  • Cinder Block Load for Pallet
  • Pallet
  • Empty Paint Bucket
  • Full Paint Bucket
  • Shovel
  • Two types of Brooms
  • 40 Gallon Drum
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Scaffolding
  • Wooden Scaffolding Platform

That's what will be included but this list may also change, I may add some additional items however this is the definite list at the moment.

The video is certainly taking longer than I would have liked however I'm taking my time on this one to ensure I get all the detail into the model as I can. Plus I find the models come out much nicer if some extra time is taken to finesse certain details.

I'm sure once the video is finished you will enjoy it.

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