Building With Plaster

July 1, 2022


Things are happening!

I know... I know it's been the longest time since my last video! I'm getting comments from peolpe asking what the heck is happening, I do have good news! I'm working on the next video right now.

I'm working on a diorama of a run down city street and I'm using some materials I've never used before, namely plaster in the form of a plaster building kit.

I was reluctant at first but it's surprisingly good to build with, albeit you have to be ultra careful not to bust the parts because they can break quite easily. The only issue so far was one piece was slightly warped, and it doesn't help that I can be a bit of a perfectionist at times however plaster sands very easily so sanding it flat again was not difficult.

Painting was easier than I thought as well, just remember to give it a spray primer undercoat, it's near impossible to paint directly onto unsealed plaster... especially if you plan on brush painting this kit. For me I used an airbrush however it's still highly recommended to prime the model in any case so the color from the paint stays accurate.

The kit came with some huge decals, again they were easier to apply than I anticipated. I was worried the sheet might tear but they seem to be just the right thickness as to not tear but at the same time they are tin enough that they look good even with close up shots of the model.

You might also notice the look of the new website. I have spoent the past 3 weeks solid working on it and built it from scratch. The good thing about using a website that is as flexible as this is I can make it look exactly like I want. Using the web builder program was a bit of a learning curve but with the basics down it is getting easier each day.

The website is still evolving and improving so don't be surprised if it changes next time you visit. Also there are probably heaps of glitches that I still need to iron out but in the mean time I hope you enjoy browsing.

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