Adding Lines

July 3, 2022


Got some work done today on the diorama.

It's turning out quite good, I had a vision and I can see it coming together. I do find I have one problem when doing any sort of building or diorama and that's remembering what colors I used for painting certain parts! 

I started painting the footpath with what I thought was the same process but I found the color wasn't matching so well... turns out I was missing a step but luckily I had my video footage to look back on to see where I was going wrong!

You can see I've left space for a man hole and drain, still deciding what to do with the drain and man hole for some special effects? I was thinking of adding a smoke generator to get some smoke effects coming out of the drain... Or possibly having a dim LED illuminating the drain and hiding a creepy figure down there for anyone who looks close enough 😄

We'll see but I'll definitely do some sort of an effect.

There is actually not a lot left on this model, I know it looks like there is so much to do however the buildings are done so now I just need to fill in the scenery parts like dirt, grass, bushes and trees. Lastly will be all the extra detail like signs, rubbish, some lighting and figures.

Stay posted as I'll post more updates as the project comes to a close 😉

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